Heres why it's okay to change (and you should) your mind


Change. What’s with the fucking negative connotation to this word? We feel a sense of guilt when you hear those dreaded words “You’ve changed”. I still wear my true coat and I have a deep relationship with my bones. But through yearning and seeking stories, I wanted to drink knowledge from those who offered me a glass. Dissect a brain different to mine, for them to share it with me so then I can share it with others.

In the last year, my mind has been altered and shifted, sometimes constantly. My eyes now have a twinkle of sin and my awareness is wide as the desert fields. My hair, the music my ears prick up to, what I wear, the different humans I interact with, the stories I’ve listened to has essentially allowed me to become a different person – who I really like.

We all want to achieve ultimate happiness and whether that’s changing careers, moving from place to place, your style or sexuality, you either have peoples support or you don’t, it is not your problem. Be curious to the new directions you’re being pulled in and trust the universe has a plan for you.

When you look back to who you were then and who you are now is the magic part of the story. You own the right to a natural-won freedom, your new self, and regardless if people like you or not.

Our souls will grow in their natural ways and throughout our life we will adapt to new social scenes and create a certain lifestyle for ourselves that suits us at the time. We need to understand that we will continuously change throughout our lives.

For those who can’t comprehend your new sense of self, you eventually stop explaining when you realise people only understand from their level of perception. Basically you just need to stop giving a fuck at what other people think. You can’t walk to an unnatural rhythm in order to please everyone around you.

When we hear something deep within us to change, never turn your back on a playful spirit that is willing to explore. Not changing is more terrifying that staying the same. There is a fear of change because there is a pressure to live up to other people’s expectations of who we have been.

It might be the expectation from your parents or family, your job or career or suddenly your values in your relationship have changed. Out of fear of disappointing others we try to stay true to a reputation or image, carefully moulded and happy to be a puppet.

Everything is changing around us, constantly from social key issues to the world. We are always evolving and I think change is inevitable. Unconsciously maybe we are always trying to adapt to someone we think we are, but the worst thing you can do is be complacent.

Change is growth, and you constantly be thriving and pushing to finding out who you are or be who you want to be. You learn and relearn a lot about yourself, and if people want to continue on your evolution with you, that’s great. If not, find people who will.

Sometimes you make a conscious decision to change and other times you wake up and realise how much you’ve grown. Instinctively we know when things must die and must live; when to walk away and when to stay in the same position. It is your decision and responsibility to wear that honour of living the life you want, regardless of what people will say and think around you.

Don’t limit yourself to the mindset that change is bad when really it’s the best thing. Your experiences, cultural contrasts, the people you meet, the arts and everything around you increase our creativity that endows us with a valuable open-mindedness. And when something in our mind has been changed, that changes everything.