How to become a Girl Boss // Kaylene Langford tells all

If you are not familiar with Start up Creative and you are about to start your own business. I want you to thank me, right now. Because I have made this process a WHOLE lot easier.

Startup Creative is a unique business incubator, magazine, online course and (need to catch my breath) professional development and mentoring program tailored specifically for young people. This generation is full of entrepreneurial spirit, full of energy, our eyes closed running into the deep end without thinking of the consequences. With our complete lack of experience and frequent thoughts of “ hm….what the fuck am I doing”, Start up Creative turns your ideas into a kick ass business.

Behind every amazing business is, of course, an amazing women. Let me introduce you creative legend and extreme multi-tasker, Kaylene Langford. Not just a pretty face, she actually invented the phrase “Get Shit Done” and is now helping others do just that.

Kaylene is a jack-of-all trades. Aside from a successful career in being a passionate mentor and coach, she is committed to motivating young individuals by offering a series of programs, workshops to help with the big leap to starting a business. I asked her all the juicy details about starting a business, instagram and more.

What were you doing before Start Up Creative and what made you want to venture out on your own?

I was actually in youth work. My passion has always been working with young people (I find them more fun and are crazy driven when they want something bad enough). My career took me to working with the Queensland Government to roll out a new style of doing youth work across the state. I went into the job thinking I could awesome impact and really make a difference for the lives of young people and how they received services in the state. About 4 months in I learnt that it was a whole lot of talking and not much action. I was fed up and over it. There was no innovation, creativity or respect for the young people!

It got to a point where I was miserable, commuting between 3-6 hours a day on public transport to a job a didn’t enjoy and missing out on living life with my lover. My body started shutting down and I was getting sick lots! I realised there had to be more to life and if I wanted something better, I had to be the one to change it. No one was going to come in and save me.

How much of an impact has instagram had on your business and how important do you think it is for business’? For example, do you think a business could do well without it?  #doyouhashtag

Look I’d hate to say you can’t do well without Instagram, I think that is a bit OTT but it does have enormous impact. At the end of the day it is a sales funnel and lead generator to website visits. I don’t think there is anything that is this fast paced, has really high engagement and is completely free that does the job as well as Instagram does. If you use it well it becomes an amazing tool for business. If you let it get the better of you it will do your head in.

Have a strategy, focus on what you’re doing, do it bloody well, be consistent and add value to the lives of your followers. Find a way you can do it so that you love it, if you try to be what everyone else is doing you won’t enjoy it and that will show in your content. #yesihashtag

I will say that if you can nail social media it does give you street cred and nowadays when I pitch to companies for collaborations, interviews and connections - they rarely say no!  It’s taken me 3 years of hustle to get here though.

You can find StartUp Creatives instagram tips here

Apartment from creative magazines, e-books, going to launch events, running workshops and your own business, do you ever find time to actually switch off and walk away from technology?

Haha it is very hard and most of the time I have no desire to take time off. I love it all so much! Surfing is always a good break for me and earlier this year I went to a 8 day tantra/yoga retreat in Bali and had a friend to an IG takeover so I was IG free. Bit nerve racking at first but she nailed it and my audience loved her!

What’s the best and worst thing about working for yourself and what should we be prepared for when we bite the bullet and hand in our resignation papers?

Best - Freedom! Your days are yours! Spend them how you please! Also your income is uncapped when you work for yourself, you’ll make as much as you’re prepared to work for.

Worst - There is no ending. It doesn’t ever stop and shit will happen that you can never prepare for and you will have to find a way to fix it. Honestly some of the shit that happens, I’m like WTF why are people idiots or websites are shit! I guess it’s good for the problem solving part of your brain! Be prepared to work hard if you want your dream!

What can a person who is just starting out in the first stage of their business benefit from your workshops and courses?

Down to earth real advice about how to make it happen. Everything from overcoming your mind to growing your following and doing all the boring back end stuff. When I first started and went looking for help it was all so technical and boring. My goal is to make it look funky (always make life better) it is clear and to the point advice and no random business lingo. When you come to StartUp Creative, all you need is an idea and a deep desire to make it happen! We can help you with the rest - book in a coaching session with me now and I promise I’ll help you make your dreams a reality! Life is way too short to not be doing what you love and it’s never been a better time to start a business. Just do it!

For one-on-one coaching from StartUp creative, click here

A little bird told me that a new website is on the way, what’s the next big plan for Start up creative and what should we be looking out for?

Sooo much happening! Defs keep your eyes on our website, you will be in for a nice surprise! You can also expect a sexy new magazine coming your way and keep your ears out for a podcast too! Plus I’m learning so much about the brain and mediation at the moment and how we can use it to grow our business, stay tuned for something fun I might do there too!