The Society Cult is a digital publication that explores the art of conversation. It offers a fresh perspective across lifestyle, travel, design, sex, business, fashion and more. The ethos and visual identity of The Society Cult started with the belief that women can be “whoever the fuck they want to be” without following the protocol of society or what is considered right or wrong. As women, we own our sexuality and have the right to express our individuality, celebrate our freedom and feel liberated doing so. 

Founded by Emily Vrbenski (@emily_vrbenski), who is new to the ‘globe-trotting gypsy’ life shares her perspective on all the topics. Currently dealing with a slight obsession on planning holidays and travelling (actually obsession at an arrest-able level; Holiday Planning and Emily are in court, it doesn’t look good) she wishes to inspire with fragments of her unscripted mid 20’s.

Emily launched Neublok Studio (@neublok) in 2016, the instagram being the visual mood-board for The Society Cult. The digital artwork and short stories celebrate femininity and the empowerment of women. She is now freelancing globally from March, looking for inspiration across different cultures and networking around the world.

The Society Cult provides interviews with Emily’s biggest influences, entrepreneurs alike and advice on what to see and do in different cities so you can play local for a day. The aim is to write thought provoking articles that are part entertainment and part cheek; please think twice before reading them to your mother.

Her passion is to offer advice that will help change someone’s perspective, share interviews of those who inspire her, to just do shit differently and hope others will do the same. Follow her adventure with the people she meets and the cultures she experiences. 


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